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Neverrmind the USA why aren’t we focusing on deaths in police custody in the UK

  Last Saturday marked a year since Kingsley Burrell died while in police custody, yet his family have been denied the truth.  Kingsley died within two weeks of Smiley Culture‘s (David Emmanuel) death while under police supervision in his home, and along with many others who die under suspicious circumstances involving the police in Great Britain, it is under […]

Black Britain’s shame: A lost generation of young black males

Another black kid died on Boxing day. Stabbed in the heart by one of his peers after an argument over sneakers. Pointless, but someone saw fit to pull out a knife on Seydou Diarrassouba on the busy side-walk of Oxford Street. If reports that he may have had gang affiliations prove to be true, it’s […]

Smiley Culture: Police say they didn’t kill him

I can’t say for certain what happened the morning in March when police went to Smiley Cultures house to arrest him. What we all know is that 48 year-old Smiley (real name David Emanuel) died a short time after from a single stab wound in to his heart, in the kitchen of his home. Last […]